* Art and Creativity (Shorter module)


Welcome to a mini-module of art and creativity: drawing, painting and inspirational creative workshops in the old town of Tartu, in the immediate vicinity of the town-hall square and the beautiful Dome Hill!

The around 2,5 hrs workshop will allow you to discover your creativity, explore your hidden resources and start to get to know your skills and talents in arts you may have forgotten about or even not be aware of:)


This module is suitable for individual participants, groups and families, and also perfec for team-building activities at different companies. 

Personal approach, and individualised programme. We always use professional, recognised, "real" artists:) as our instructors. Welcome to explore yourself and the world of art and creativity at Babelhouse! 

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*  Art and Creativity (Longer module)

Welcome to the course Art and Creativity! The course will take place in our cosy training centre in Tartu Old town. You will be able to explore your creativity and enjoy the process of making art while testing the different techniques of drawing, painting, sketching, learning about the proportions of the human body, colour psychology, creativity and authorship in different areas of life, etc. In the special summer module of Art and Creativity painting and drawing in the nature and in town will be included to make our artists-at-heart capture the beauty and romance of the parks and old town of Tartu!


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Also, individual seminars can be attended! Contact us with your personal request and we try to find an optimal solution. Individualised sessions of different art and creativity modules can be ordered at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



You are most welcome!


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The course fee can be transferred on-line ( EE522200221058158084 Swedbank Estonia).

Before you register, please read through our course regulations. Babelhouse has the right to make changes in the course plan. 



Address: Babelhouse Art, Culture and Language Centre

Ülikooli 10/12 (entrance from Ülikooli 12), II floor